Personnel- and salary administration

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A solid payroll administration.

Important for employer and employee.

Our advisors are taking care of a very broad client portfolio in the field of payroll administration and advice. Whether you are a local SME entrepreneur and want to take care of your administrative burden, or an international secondment agency with employees for whom the highly skilled migrants scheme and the 30% rule must be applied for, it makes no difference to us – everyone gets the same personal treatment.

Outsourcing your salary administration and personnel matters can save you a lot of time and effort. It is important, however, that you do this with a good party! We can even make working with freelancers attractive by reducing liabilities to zero. We are also experts in the field of cross-border employment and everything related to this. We therefore make working with highly skilled migrants more than possible.

Payroll administration and online payroll processing

The laws and regulations concerning wages, taxes and administration are constantly changing. A correct payroll administration goes beyond the payroll statement, payslip and annual statement. You also need to know how to deal with reduction orders, payroll tax statements, expense allowances, final levies and the obligation to retain records. You can outsource your entire payroll administration to us. In addition to taking care of the administration, pay slips, annual statements and the wage tax return, we also draw up employment contracts and register employees with various agencies, if necessary.

Applying for personnel subsidies

Are you innovating or are your activities in line with a government objective? Then there is a good chance that there is a subsidy for it! There are various subsidies and grants that are made available by your region, the national government or even Europe.

We are happy to help you determine which subsidy you are entitled to, which rules apply to the application and how to apply for the subsidy.

Advice on employment contracts, collective labour agreements and payroll taxes

The tax authorities assess employment contracts for the consequences of payroll taxes. We can advise and support you on various aspects of the CLA and thereby prevent any undesirable tax consequences. In addition, we can advise and support you to ensure that the agreements in the employment contract correspond with your expectations. This is to prevent undesirable legal consequences.

NEN-4400 certification

The NEN-4400 certification is a standard in the Netherlands by which organizations can prove that they have properly arranged their financial affairs. We unburden you by supervising these inspections. We assure you that the right information is collected so you will go through the inspection without worries.

AAme has the NEN-4400 certification and is therefore included in the Register Normering Arbeid (view the declaration of registration). This limits the risks of hirers of labour and principals of work who make use of our services.

Do you want to know what the SNA quality mark exactly entails? Click here!

Working with the self-employed

If you want to work with self-employed people, there are all kinds of tax and legal pitfalls that employers regularly have to deal with. With the advent of the Deregulation of the Assessment of Employment Relationship Act (DBA), it has become even more difficult for employers to offer self-employed persons assignments. The DBA law looks at various factors to assess whether there is an employment contract.
AAme can serve as a contracting party or as an advisory party. In the case of a contract party, the self-employed person sends us the hours worked and the rate. We then send the client an invoice and pay the self-employed person. In the case of an advisory party we support the administration and controls, contract management and documents.

Split Payroll

If your employee works in multiple countries, you may be able to take advantage of the low (progressive) rates in different countries: the rate step-up. This benefit through the split payroll can amount to thousands of euros per year.

AAmezing Remuneration App

We have developed a tool aimed at improving your experience when applying for salary forecasts: the AAmezing Remuneration App. We believe this tool will bring significant benefits to your organisation, allowing you to close deals with potential candidates in the recruitment industry in a faster way.

The online tool allows you to enter cost rates and various allowances, including the 30% rule, to generate a net indication for your prospective employee(s).


Personnel- and salary administration
30% ruling

30% ruling

Employees from abroad working (temporarily) in the Netherlands are often faced with extraterritorial expenses. If…


Personnel- and Salary Administration

Wesley Hameeteman

W. (Wesley) Hameeteman

Wesley Hameeteman was born in 1984. He studied Care Provision at the Christelijk Lyceum in…

Ilse, Ilse Overvest

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Carina Tuunter

C. (Carina) Tuunter

Carina Tuunter joined AAme Advisors as a Payroll Advisor with effect from 4 May 2023.

(Rayshree) Nathie, zittend op AAme stoel

R. (Rayshree) Nathie

Rayshree was born in 2002 in The Hague, the city where she still lives. Rayshree…


L. (Lucie) Tran

Lucie Tran joined AAme Salary Advisers as a Junior Payroll Administrator effective March 1, 2023.

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