Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision AAme

The AAme mission

Simple, creative, resourceful, commitment, positive stubbornness, serving and pro activity.

The AAme organization is a one-stop shop in the field of accountancy, tax advice, salary processing, legal services and specific services for the (cross border) recruitment/secondment industry (including contracting, payrolling and staffing under the collective labor agreement).

We simplify the complex Dutch law and regulations so that our clients can focus on their core activities and are able to function optimally in the aforementioned areas.
Our client base includes entrepreneurs from SMEs; starters; (wealthy) private individuals; and larger international companies with regard to their activities in the Netherlands.

AAme wants to be a proactive organization in which employees are constantly learning and challenged. AAme keeps its services up-to-date and at a high quality level.
We distinguish ourselves partly by working in a resourceful, committed and professionally creative way. We create simple solutions inspired by our positive stubbornness. All our AAme employees are serving advisers who value personal contact.

The AAme vision

customization, best service, high quality, automation, kiss, knowledge expertise and skills, commitment.

AAme wants to realize its mission by:

  • delivering automated tailor-made solutions and providing the very best quality service to our clients.
  • providing professional challenge and deepening opportunities for all AAme employees so that every employee has adequate Knowledge and Skills to perform his or her specific skill;
  • let employees work according to the KISS principle at all times;
  • committed employees for AAme, the profession and our clients.

Core values

Our core values indicate the way in which we fulfill our ambition. They form our DNA and give direction to our daily actions. Not only to our customers, but also internally and in the social field. Our core values include:


We feel personally connected to our organization, our clients and the environment in which we live. We take personal responsibility for our actions. We create trust through our sincere involvement.


We experience passion for our profession, the contact with our customers and our organization. We are intrinsic motivated to get the best out of others and ourselves. That gives us the energy and motivation to deliver the very best service and always-top quality.


We are professionals and we stand for top quality. Everyone in his field behaves professionally, objectively and with integrity. We act carefully and discreetly, with attention to people and the situation.

Pragmatic, simplify

We work pragmatically. This means that we offer simple practical solutions, tailored to the situation. Communicate clearly and directly. Reducing complexity to the essentials.


Creativity is one of the core elements of AAme’s mission and vision. It stands for developing new ideas, choosing the best ideas and actually realizing them.

Keep it simple

AAme wants all employees to work according to the core value of the mission and vision, or it is desirable to express things as simply as possible.
This keeps focus on the core and prevents many misunderstandings, differences of interpretation and irritation.

If you cannot explain it simply, you do not get it well enough!

What can the Client expect from us?

  • A permanent, trusted AAme advisor who is flexible and easily accessible;
  • A proactive AAme advisor who understands the business, closely monitors developments within the relevant industry and translates them into the specific situation of the client;
  • A team of AAme specialists ready to meet specific needs where necessary;
  • Clear agreements about the service;
  • Practical and high-quality advice in clear language;
  • Fast response times;
  • Clear invoices, in accordance with the agreements;
  • An open attitude to feedback and evaluation;
  • Knowledge, expertise and skills in our field.

What can employees expect from us?

  • A working climate in which we are always able to deliver top quality;
  • Challenging work and the opportunity to build a good business relationship with our customers;
  • A team of committed and accessible managers who help and support;
  • A fair and transparent Personal Development and Performance and Salary (“POPS”) program, in which we talk openly with each other about the goals, progress and expectations with regard to personal development, performance and reward;
  • Company coach to achieve professional development and personal growth;
  • Appreciation for the role our employees play for our clients and society.
  • This is reflected in an appropriate package of employment conditions.
  • An open attitude to feedback.

We believe it is important that our employees feel personally involved with AAme and with his or her colleagues. That is why we offer our employees a safe, informal and pleasant working environment. An environment where there is room for realizing personal ambitions. In which we challenge our professionals to develop but also enable them to maintain a good balance between work and private life.
Our employees are given the space to do what they are good at and where their passion lies.