The services of AAme

Our working method

Whether it’s about accountancy and tax advice, salary administration or legal advice, we sincerely value personal contact. A good advisor does not limit himself to checking the annual figures or simply providing advice, but uses his expertise to add value for you as a customer. That is why our AAme advisors act as fully-fledged sparring partners, care about you and you company, unburden you and put us in your shoes.

Perhaps, based on the figures, we see opportunities to save costs, make business operations more efficient or obtain tax and legal benefits. Whatever the situation might be, our approach is straightforward, clear and without complicated jargon. AAme speaks in an understandable language.
We provide the positive wow effect for every entrepreneur or private client, or as we describe it at the AAme family: Be AAmezing!

Accountancy and tax advice

We provide certified public accountant services to both companies and private individuals including:

  • Compiling annual accounts
  • Financial administration
  • Online administration
  • Start-up guidance
  • Financial advice
  • Various certified public statements
  • Assurance assignments
  • Corporate finance
  • Automation advice for SME administration
  • Hirer’s statement
  • Specific services for administrators

Our tax advisers are registered in the Register of Tax Advisers (RB). This means that with their expertise, experience and in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the tax rules, they ensure that the tax side of your businesses are properly arranged. They provide services for companies and individuals including;

  • Various tax returns:
    • Income tax
    • Turnover tax
    • Inheritance and gift tax
    • Corporation tax
    • Payroll tax
  • Claiming and advice about allowances
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Tax advice
  • Transferpricing
  • International tax law
  • Taks litigation
  • Advice for self-employed
  • International business

Personnel- and salary administration

Our salary advisers unburden a large client base by taking over their salary administration and providing tailored advice. Whether you are a local SME and you would like to undo yourself from the administrative hassle or whether you are an international recruitment agency with employees for whom we file applications for the highly skilled migrant ruling and the 30% ruling does not matter to us – every client receives the same personal attention.

  • Salary administration
  • Applications for employee subsidies
  • HR services
  • Expat services
  • A1 certificates
  • NEN-4400 certification
  • Highly skilled migrant ruling
  • Work and residence permit
  • Online payroll processing
  • Advice payroll taxes
  • Advice on collective labor agreements
  • Cross-border labor and seminars
  • Working with self-employed

Legal advice and Contract management

Our legal councils have many years of experience in the legal profession and have the expertise t orepresent clients in various situations, from assistance with (tax or civil) audits to submitting administrative objections or conducting legal proceedings. Our legal councils are at your service with a listening ear. You will receive high-quality advice in an understandable language. AAme assist you in achieving legal success.

  • Legal advice
    • Labor law
    • Contract law
    • CLA
    • Corporate law
    • GDPR
  • Procedure
  • Drawing up various contracts
  • Cross-border labor
  • Working with self-employed

(Expat) consultancy and secondment solutions

AAme Solutions has various entities that are specifically designed to work with self-employed and highly skilled seconded employees for the Dutch and Belgian labor market. AAme solutions offers these services through Contracting, consultancy, payrolling, staffing and secondment through approved framework agreements for self-employed persons.

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