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New European data protection rules come into force on 25 May 2018. These are set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The previous Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (WPB) will lapse.
AAme processes personal data. We would like to inform you about this clearly and transparently. In this privacy statement we provide answers to the most important questions about the protection and processing of personal data by AAme.

Definitions we use:

Personal data: all information relating to a Data Subject; a natural person who can be directly or indirectly identified. For example your name and address.
Processing: everything that can be done with personal data. For example, collecting, but also storing, using and deleting your data from our records.


We process personal data of people with whom we have, or have had, a direct or indirect relationship. These are, for example, personal data of:

  • cliënts and their representatives;
  • people who show interest in our products and services, or
  • people who are connected to a company or organization with whom we have or had have a relationship.

Please note: if your company or organization communicates to us personal details of employees or Ultimate Benefit (s), (also called ‘Ultimate Beneficial Owner (s)’ or UBO), you are obliged to inform your employees or UBO about this. You can give this privacy statement to them. Your employees or UBO can read how we handle their personal data.

Other categories of data subject:

Applicants and employees
If you apply for employment, AAme temporarily records data such as your name, address, postal address, contact details, civil status and titles. If you become an employee, AAme also records data concerning your duties and, for example, your bank account number.

Newsletter recipients
You can subscribe to newsletters yourself. AAme will then record your name and email address. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time.

Debtors and creditors
In order to ensure an efficient financial process, AAme records data such as your name, address and postal address. in order to collect our fees based on the send invoices.

In order to protect your and our interests, we may process personal data from third parties. We do this, for example, in the context of fraud.


The AAme group consists of various (subsidiary) companies. The AAme group consists of:

  • AAme Adviseurs B.V.
  • AAme Accountants en Belastingsadviseurs B.V.
  • AAme Salarisadviseurs B.V.
  • AAme Legal B.V.
  • AAme Solution Providers BV
    • ACS no 1 B.V.
    • ACS no 10 B.V.
    • AAme Flex Solutions B.V.
    • AAme Premium Solutions B.V.
    • AAme Management Precision B.V.

Do you want to know which part of AAme is responsible for the processing of your personal data? Then contactyour contactperson at AAme. Click here for more information about AAme:


We process personal data for the following purposes:

a. To be able to enter into a contractual relationship with you.

If you have interest in our products or services. For example, we need to do an investigation to assess whether we can accept you as a client. For this we can also use information about you that we receive from you and from third parties. We may also use the data we have received from you and have recorded about you to make analyzes to assess whether you are eligible for a specific product and / or service. We may also make a copy of your identity document when entering into a contractual relationship.

b. To maintain the relationship with you and carry out assignments.

If you are a cliënt, we want to be of service. We process personal data for this reason. For example, we use your name and address details to maintain contact with you. We may therefore pass on your details to others for the purpose of the execution of the services. For example In the context of payment transactions. We also record images, for example from telephone calls and cameras. We do this, among other things, for crime prevention and quality control or in the context of evidence.

c. To protect your and our interests.

We can process personal data to protect your and our interests. For example, to prevent or investigate fraud. We can also consult public sources for this purpose, such as public registers, newspapers and the internet. We can – to combat cybercrime – transmit data from you to third parties that are involved in the fight against cybercrime. We only do this if we have made agreements with these parties about the careful use of your data.

d. For the development and improvement of our products and services.

In order to continue to serve you well, we are constantly working on the development and improvement of our products and services. In some cases we process personal data for this reason. For example, if you ask a question about a product.

e. For promotional and marketing purposes.

We may process your personal data for promotional or marketing purposes. For example to inform you about a new product that may be of interest to you. Or to better service according your wishes. You can subscribe to newsletters yourself. AAme will then record your name and email address. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time. We can also use the data we have recorded for you to perform analyzes. With the help of these analyzes we can improve the service to you.

f. To enter into and execute agreements with suppliers, other service providers, and business relations.

If you have contact with AAme for your work, we may process your personal data. For example, to determine whether you can represent your company.

g. To meet legal obligations.

We must collect data about you based on certain (international) regulations. For example, we sometimes have to carry out a (further) investigation if you have a certain capacity or if an unusual transaction is made. We must also determine who the ultimate owner (UBO) of a company is that we have a relationship with. Laws and regulations may also oblige us to pass (analyzed) data about you to a government agency, a tax authority, or to a regulator inside or outside the Netherlands. Because we have to comply with legal obligations and treaties, we sometimes have to provide information from you to the Dutch or foreign (tax) authorities. In addition, we must process personal data on the basis of our duty of care.

h. For our business purposes.

As a service provider we find it important and it is necessary that we have a good overview of our relations. This also means that we know whether you cooperate with other parties that can pose a risk. In order to obtain this overview and subsequently to take measures, we process personal data.

i. For archival purposes.

We do not collect more personal data than necessary in the context of the aforementioned purposes. If we do not retain the data for those purposes, we can still retain the data for archival purposes according the law. This means that the data will only be used in legal proceedings or for historical, statistical or scientific purposes.


If necessary, AAme processes personal data. Data concerned is described in the overview below:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Address data
  • phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Location data
  • Payment details
  • BSN

Data on income and capital

Other personal data that you actively provide by, for example, creating a profile on this website, in written correspondence, by telephone, e-mail.
Information about your activities on our website, social media and use of our Wifi.

Visits to the website
AAme keeps a record of how often the website is visited and which pages are requested, in order to make the website as accessible as possible. AAme also uses cookies. Cookies enable AAme to recognize you as a visitor whenever you visit our website. That makes it possible to tailor the website to your preferences and/or to simplify the login process. For more information, see the cookie policy.

Social media
AAme uses social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It does not impose any conditions concerning the use of social media, although the conditions of the social media platforms in question do apply. If you ask a question on social media, AAme will store that message and your account name in order to reply to your message.

Use of WiFi
When you visit our office, you can use Wifi. As soon as you are logged into the Wifi network, AAme automatically receives data from you, such as the identification number (e.g. MAC address) of your device. AAme uses this data only to prevent any abuse and deletes it after one year. If you use the Wifi network for illegal activities, AAme can block access from the device with which you are using our Wifi network.

AAme issues newsletters to inform the public, professional parties, cliënts and business relations, about our services and products and developments. AAme records the name and email address of the recipients and stores that data until such time as the recipient unsubscribes from a newsletter. An unsubscribe option is included with each newsletter.


Special personal data are sensitive data. For example about health, criminal record, ethnic data or data concerning race. We only process special personal data if we have to do so according the law, with your permission or if you ask us to do so. Are you asking us to record special personal data about you or do you make this information public? Then we only process this data if this is necessary for the providing of our services.


Your personal data will be stored carefully and no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was processed. Within AAme, your personal data can only be used by employees who need to have access to this data, given their function. Our employees have a duty of confidentiality. Do we want to use data for a purpose other than that for which they were originally processed? Then we can only do that when there is a close relationship between the two goals. Your personal data can also be exchanged between the subsidiaries of AAme, companies within the AAme group. But only if this is compatible with the purpose for which the data was collected and if this is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Sometimes we engage third parties who process personal data on our assignment. We can only engage with third parties if this fits the purpose for which we have processed your personal data. In addition, this third party can only receive our order if it has demonstrably taken appropriate security measures and guarantees secrecy. Your personal data can also be exchanged with third parties that we engage for our business operations or the execution of our services. Your personal data may be subject to investigation by both competent national authorities of the countries where such data is due to the processing process, both during and after processing. Your personal data will not be sold or rented.


AAme processes your personal data only for legitimate purposes mentioned in the law.
AAme does not process more data than necessary to perform its contractual obligations with respect to providing services and its legal obligations or tasks.

AAme takes measures to protect your personal data.
AAme protects your personal data against unauthorized access, loss or theft. This means that AAme has taken appropriate measures to protect your data and regularly monitor the operation of these measures.

AAme is transparent about the processing of your personal data.
You can read in the privacy statement for which purpose and how AAme processes your personal data. AAme is accountable on these matters to the parties concerned, to stakeholders, stakeholders and society as a whole.

AAme registers accurate personal data.
AAme ensures that your personal data is correct. Any errors are corrected as soon as possible.

AAme retains data no longer than necessary.
Your personal data will be stored and destroyed by AAme in accordance with applicable laws and regulations applicable to the tax and HR fields. These specify how long the personal data may be retained. If there is no statutory retention period, AAme will retain the personal data no longer than necessary.

AAme handles your information confidentially.
Employees have a duty of confidentiality and only have access to personal data if they are authorized to do so. AAme discloses no personal data unless disclosure is necessary to implement an agreement or comply with the law. When doing so, it verifies the identity of the requesting party and checks whether he/she has appropriate authorization.

AAme keeps your data secure.
AAme has taken measures to protect your personal data against loss or unlawful processing. All information treats AAme confidentially and stands on secure servers. AAme complies with the law, regulations and standards of the professional rules. If you feel that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of abuse, please contact us via

AAme enters into agreements with external suppliers.
If external parties manage personal data on behalf of AAme, AAme enters into an agreement to monitor and protect the privacy of your personal data. AAme remains responsible for these processing operations and regularly checks compliance with these agreements by the supplier.


You have the following rights with regard to the processing of your personal data:

  • Right to details of the personal data which the Dutch judiciary records about you
  • Right to inspect records or case files containing your personal data
  • Right to correct, restrict or delete personal data
  • Right to the transmissibility of personal data
  • Right to oppose the processing of personal data
  • Right to withdraw consent for processing
  • Right to lodge a complaint concerning the processing of personal data


Pivacy request
You can send your request by email ( or by post to AAme. AAme may, on the basis of your request, only provide information about your own personal data and not about other parties or persons involved.

Identification requirement
AAme records sensitive data. If you request an overview of personal data or if you want to change data, we need to know for sure who you are. This is to prevent us from changing your information bases on a request of some else than yourself or giving it to someone else than yourself. Therefore, an AAme employee will contact you by letter / email or telephone and may (if required necessary in our opinion) ask you to come and identify you at the reception desk of AAme with a valid identity card. After your identification, your request will be processed immediately (or as soon as possible).

In principle, AAme does not charge any costs for handling your request. However, if your request is very extensive, you may be asked for a reasonable compensation fee. This will be determined depending on the size of the request.


Of course we will gladly help you if you have complaints about the processing of your personal data or because you are dissatisfied with the processing of your request in connection with your personal data has been handled. Please contact the section where you do business with. You also have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP). You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority for this.


AAme may amend the privacy statement. New versions will always be posted on the website. We recommend that you regularly consult the privacy statement so that you are always aware of any changes.. The release date of this privacy statement allows you to see when this was last done. The version date of the current privacy statement is May 25, 2018.

Contact details:
Olof Palmestraat 24
2616 LS Delft
Telefoon +31 (0)15 215 88 15

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