Company car for employees

A clear policy and individual agreements regarding the use of a (leased) company car prevents (legal) accidents!

Avoid legal accidents!

If your company provides lease cars to employees, it is important to check how the use of these cars is regulated in terms of policy. Perhaps this is not yet or insufficiently regulated. It is therefore advisable to lay down agreements on this in regulations and user agreements, so that legal accidents can be avoided.

Make clear agreements

There is a lot involved in making lease cars available to employees. Below is an overview of the most important things to take into account when providing (leased) company cars.

• Not an (unconditional) condition of employment, but a right of use:

To prevent (the use of) the car from qualifying as a condition of employment, it is crucial to attach certain specific conditions to the use of a company lease car. Indeed, if a company car is considered a condition of employment, it is a lot harder to make changes to the policy on the use of it. It can also be difficult to revoke the right of use in this case. Therefore, make clear arrangements under which conditions these cars are made available.

• The costs:

It is important to make clear agreements with employees about the costs related to the use of, maintenance of and any repairs to the car.


In addition, it is obviously important to agree how any damages will be handled. An accident is in a small corner and after a claim, no one is waiting for haggling about how to deal with it.

• Withdrawal of lease car:

As an employer, you obviously want to ensure that the right to use a company car can be revoked (under certain circumstances). It is therefore necessary to agree that, and under what conditions, the right to a company car can be withdrawn.

• Tax implications:

It is also desirable for the employer and the employee to be clear about the tax consequences of using a company car.

An appropriate solution:
The AAmezing company car package!

AAme Legal now offers The Car of the Company Package, which consists of a regulation and user agreement. Our regulations and the associated user agreement cover all the above important issues. These products enable your organisation to have a clear policy regarding the provision of a company car, and they can be adapted to the situation of the individual employee. With our products, you can offer a company car to your employees immediately, under the right conditions, and continue to do so for employees who become eligible in the future.

We can also adapt the user agreement to the individual employee’s situation or your internal policy.

More information

If you would like more information about The Car of the Case package, please contact us at or on 015 – 215 88 15.

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