Career switch: out of the hospitality industry after 5 years!

carrièreswitch uit de horeca. Career switch

Much of your life is spent working. And it may be that you make a career switch. That a different sector appeals to you more than what you do now. Do you have that feeling? Go after your feelings!

I worked in the hospitality industry for 5 years and did 4 years of hospitality training.

The hospitality industry is known as a sector where it is hard work, for relatively low pay. An industry where you work when others are free, especially in the evenings and weekends. But working in the hospitality industry is also fun!

During my hospitality training, I had not only practical classes focused on the hospitality industry, but also management-enterprise classes. I noticed that I found the management-enterprise classes much more fun and interesting than the practical classes.

So after completing my degree, I started applying to AAme Advisers 4 months ago. I am extremely happy that AAme gave me such an opportunity, despite the fact that I have no experience. Besides working at AAme, I also started an Accountancy course in September.

Career switch

Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, many people have made a career switch, just like me! Besides working in the hospitality industry, I also find my private life very important. After all, I started living with my partner. And I really wanted more structure in my life. I also wanted to learn something new. And to my mind, I was already a bit played out in hospitality.

Since I left the hospitality industry, a world has opened up for me. Suddenly you meet other people, from completely different professions. Your daily schedule also changes; no more sleeping in and starting your day in the afternoon. No more skipping breakfast and lunch. You actually start living a much healthier life. Although I must also say that you do not move as much as in the hospitality industry (so you have to eat healthier). I can also tell you that lunch here at AAme is very well taken care of and you won’t be short of anything.

Back to the hospitality industry?

Do I still want to go back to the hospitality industry? I would really have to think about that. Sometimes I miss the sociability and the feeling at the end of the evening that you managed to make something nice out of it together. I miss the contact with the guests.

But what I don’t miss is working evenings and weekends. I get paid better now while the hours are less demanding. I am free every evening and now have time to do fun things with girlfriends. On weekends, I can go to parties, which was never possible in my hospitality days. And at holidays, I am not obliged to work and can be with my family.

Why is it so important to like your work?

What am I good at? What would I spend the rest of my life doing if everything was possible?

These are questions you need to ask yourself. It is important to enjoy yourself at work. Are you not enjoying going to work? Then you should look for something else.

Since I started working at AAme Accountants & Tax Advisers, I always enjoy going to work. I feel completely at home, at ease and can be myself here. Everyone has their own tasks and responsibilities, but there is a collegial atmosphere. If you have questions and/or problems, you are helped and there is interest in you as a person. This ensures that you are heard and have a good time.

Would you like to make a career switch and feel right at home in a great company like AAme? Then take a look at our vacancies!

M. (Madelief) van Tol

M. (Madelief) van Tol

Junior Assistant Accountant

+31(0)15 820 00 66

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