De jaarrekening, twee handen aan het stuur - Annual accounts

the foundation for justified decision making

Annual accounts

the foundation for justified decision making

The annual accounts are the final financial report of a company, which have to be drawn up each year. The annual accounts give a good understanding of how well a company did last year. But, it is also the foundation for company owners to make well-considered decisions for the future.

Are you obliged to have annual accounts drawn up?

Most legal entities in the Netherlands are obliged to deposit their annual accounts with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). This is the case for, for example a, BV, NV, Cooperation, VOF (of which all managing partners are foreign capital partners) and associations or foundations with companies which have generated a minimum annual revenue of €6 million [2018] in two consecutive financial years.
Sole proprietorships do not have to deposit.

Your annual accounts in the hands of our accountants

We can discuss with you which ‘role’ you would like to fulfill. It is an option to book your administration using our online tools. We will then check whether you booked everything correct and whether everything is in order. It is also still possible to stop by and drop off a box with printed receipts. We will then take care of all the administrative work; everything is possible!

As soon as all the financial administration is done, we will draw up the annual accounts. We will then, if you choose to, also file your Corporate Tax return on your behalf. We will contact you as soon as we have drawn up your annual accounts. We do not only draw up your annual accounts, but we will also discuss the results with you over a good cup of coffee. This is to provide you with the required quality advice to steer your company in the direction of a bright(er) future.

Both hands on the wheel

A good Certified Public Accountant (CPA) spots trends by looking at developments and comparisons in the industry. This makes a good accountant capable of providing you with tailored advice for you to run your company.

Our extended client base exists of companies that have been with us since 1985. This includes SMEs from the Delft region, freelancers and start-ups (starting entrepreneurs). This makes us more than capable to be a good advisor for both you and your company.


Bij AAme werken AA Accountants. Zij houden zich bezig met administratieve dienstverlening, het maken van jaarrekeningen én zijn adviseurs op bedrijfseconomisch en fiscaal gebied. Bovendien sturen zij een team van assistenten aan.

  • Our CPAs are members of the NBA (Dutch professional organisation for accountants).
  • AAme Accountants and Tax Advisors are also a member of the NOVAK (Dutch order of accounting firms).
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