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Extensive knowledge and personal attention

That's what AAme Accountants and Tax Advisers stands for! AAme Accountants and Tax Advisers provides services and advice in the fields of accounting, administration, payroll and national and international tax. AAme Accountants and International Tax Advisers is located in Delft, the Netherlands and provides services for individuals, SMEs and large (inter) national companies. Your accountant or consultant is mainly focused on service, quality and will provide "the personal touch".
The core of our business consists of national and international accountancy and tax advice. We also have an (international) salary department and we are specialist in the field of cross-border work and everything that goes with it.
As an extra service to our large client base in the SME segment, we offer financial and marketing advice and assistance to assist you to the best of our ability.
At AAme, we believe in sharing knowledge. Therefor we have generated several information brochures and whitepapers. Find these on our Knowledge portal:

What can AAme Accountants and International Tax Advisers do for me?

Processing of your accounting administration;
Preparation of your annual financial statement;
Preparation of your tax return Value Added Tax;
Advice (accountancy and business economics);
Audit related assignments (such as hirer’s statements).

Assistance with and preparation of the tax return Income Tax;
Assistance with and preparation of the tax return Corporation Tax;
Advice on your estate planning;
Miscellaneous (including tax on dividends and Transfer Tax).

Processing of standard salary administrations;
Processing of customised salary administrations;
Submission of applications for work permits;
Submission of applications for the 30% scheme;
Requests for Employment Termination;
Legal employment issues;
Supervision of the application process for the NEN 4400 certification;
Audit of Salary Administrations;
Working with external parties.

A solution for working with contractors (AAme Payroll Solutions);
A solution for working with freelancers in the Netherlands (AAme Contractor Solutions);
A solution for working with freelancers in Belgium (AAme Contractor Solutions);
A solution for your contract (AAme Management Solutions).


Do you have a question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can use the contact form on the right-hand side of the website.
The new salary requirements and administrative charges for highly skilled migrants and European Blue Card holders for 2018
The new salary requirements for 2018 are as follows......
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Budget Day Special - Tax Plan 2018
This Budget Day Special summarises the key proposals from the Tax Plan 2018 and additional legislati...
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From 1 January 2017 a new type of taxation on your capital in category ‘box III’
From 1 January 2017, taxation on your capital in the category of ‘box III’ (income from savings ...
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’Suppletieaangifte BTW’, or the digital supplementary declaration of VAT
If an incorrect declaration of VAT has been filed over a period regarding the past five years, taxpa...
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Term to submit annual accounts changed as of fiscal year 2016
Starting in 2017 the term to submit the annual accounts for 2016 will be reduced by a month. Ever...
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Ronald van Leeuwen AA Manager AAme Accountants
AAme Year-end tips 2017
The end of the year is once more upon us and before the festive season begins we would like to send you a summary of use
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