Working with a self-employed contractor
(freelancer) in Belgium

It is for employers/hirers, with an office established in Belgium or working in Belgium, of great importance to understand how an employee is qualified. The Belgian laws and regulations include a fundamental prohibition on the “provision of personnel”. Due to serious sanctions, it is of great importance that you are able to show that it is a case of “acceptance of work”. Also, you need to make sure that all legal demands are met, such as obtaining the Limosa declaration and the A1 certificate.

Prevent civil or legal surprises for both hirer and
self-employed contractor (freelancer)

Whether you are the hirer or the self-employed contractor; you do not want to face civil law or tax law surprises! For that reason, it is important that you know the differences between “provision of personnel” and “acceptance of work” and that all requirements are met. The Limosa declaration and the A1 certificate in particular.

We are specialized in working with self-employed contractors in Belgium. On behalf of our clients, we carry out various audits and assist them with administrative work, such as the Limosa application process. We assure our clients they will not face the previously mentioned surprises.

Control and management

Prior to the acceptance of work by the self-employed contractor, we carry out the following activities:

  • A check to see whether there is false self-employment;
  • A check to see whether there is a permanent establishment in Belgium;
  • Fully complying to the Deregulation of Independent Contractor Status Act (DBA);
  • Contract management;
  • Document management (identity determination, excerpt from the Chamber of Commerce, etc.);
  • Insurance checks (for example the professional liability insurance);
  • The application for the A1 certificate (or assistance with the application);
  • The application for the Limosa declaration (or assistance with the application) (view example);
  • If there is a permanent establishment and upon request of the self-employed contractor:
    • making an indicative calculation;
    • informing about obligations of the self-employed contractor (registration with the KBO, social security, VAT etc.).

AAme makes working with a self-employed contractor in Belgium simple

Are you in need of a partner who takes care of all the administrative hassle? We offer the following solutions:

  • AAme is a contract party. The self-employed contractor send us the worked hours and rate. We will invoice the employer and pay the self-employed.
  • AAme is an advisory party. We support with the administrative hassle, such as the Limosa application, the needed checks, contract management and document management, but we are not a contract party.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your situation and wishes.

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