CEO / International Employment, Compliance and Tax Adviser (present: mo. to fr.)
Adrie A.M. de Poorter

Adrie de Poorter is the founder and CEO of AAme Accountants en Belastingadviseurs B.V.

“Work hard but have fun.”

He was born in 1960, studied Business Economics and Fiscal Law at the Universities in The Hague and Rotterdam. Adrie has work experience in many countries, largely including the United States, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Adrie de Poorter founded AAme in 1984 on his belief of doing the right thing -for clients, peers and his community- and this principle is firmly intertwined within AAme’s history and culture. Values of fairness and respect were installed in Adrie. He realized there was an opportunity to provide good service at low rates for companies who wanted to have the world in their backyard. Throughout AAme’s history, Adrie has remained focused on providing in-person service and educational resources to clients. He has operated in more than 30 countries giving AAme a broad network of extensive Tax, Employment and Financial Advisory knowledge.  Adrie is dedicated and client orientated. He is a specialist in the area of (inter)national tax legislation, employment legislation, international advice, reorganization advice and dual foreign payroll services with respect to contractors seconded to the Netherlands. He enjoys the challenge of combining the judicial and scientific aspects of the profession. Adrie would rather be surrounded by intelligent thinkers, than have a huge budget and not be inspired. “Intelligent choices will get you there faster”. Adrie has a constructively stubborn personality. He is straight to the point and does not believe in wasting time or money.

“Just keep it simple.”

Keywords for AAme are “simplicity and creativity”. One of AAme’s goals is to make a fan of her clients, and AAme is proud to see that they have succeeded their goals most of the time. AAme is not just another CPA and/ or International Tax Advisory Company. AAme does have added value. “We are not only saying that we are a sparring partner, AAme will be your sparring partner”. “We are not afraid to ask you difficult questions and we are not afraid to investigate the correct answers. We see ourselves as a doctor and specialist for our clients and in periods of financial crisis we not only give financial or tax advice but we can also give you marketing and/or commercial advice. AAme creates simple solutions, inspired by our positive tenacity.”

“Honesty is the oxygen of life.”

As a CEO, Adrie is responsible for the success of the company. Setting strategy and vision, building culture, team-building, capital allocation, raising the bar and innovation are some of the duties he is responsible for. Having vision isn’t enough, that just takes a handful of mushrooms and a vision quest. Communicating the vision is the key. When people “get it,” they know how their daily job supports the vision.

As a leader of the company, he puts the theories of Blanchard, Covey and Collins into practice. He prefers to work hard, smart but have also a lot of fun.

As an advisor to his clients he believes in the philosophy that he is able to solve problems but he prefers to prevent them for you. Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

As a person he loves his family, dogs and enjoys life, contributes to the community and educational organizations. Although he travels considerably, he is always happy to see the skyline of his hometown Delft.

Adrie’s question to you will be “Can I be at your service?”.

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