Het AAme – Comandi Dashboard

Unique tool to give direction to your organization.

The AAme Comandi Management Dashboard is an unique tool to give direction to your organization. Do you want to spot trends earlier than your competitors? Do you want to focus more on sales, costs and cash flow? Make faster and better decisions?

With the AAme – Comandi dashboard you control the company from your own cockpit! Comandi is designed for entrepreneurs who are not interested in page-long tables of figures: the management information must be up-to-date, visual and to-the-point.

Grip on your business and future

Can you make the right decisions for your business today based on current figures? We set up the AAme Comandi dashboard based on your need for insight. You can see at a glance which parts of the business processes are performing well and which ones needs your attention. This includes overviews of liquidity, solvency or debtor status, as well as personnel costs and occupancy rates. This way you can identify opportunities and risks at any time of the day and make the right decisions. Handy alerts also keep you informed of deviating figures. This way you can receive signals about your working capital, your debtors and deviations from your budget.

Make forecasts

How is your company doing in different scenarios? What are the consequences of the decisions you make? Because in addition to seeing your current figures, we also help you with insight into future figures. You can also create detailed future scenarios yourself via your dashboard. Simulate full scenarios by combining the historical trend with new plans. In the AAme Comandi Dashboard you can work with your own What-if’s, so that you can see the effect of specific actions. We can help you with this if necessary, because we see the same thing as you. The moment we identify something, we will proactively communicate this with you!

Your administration is automated and outsourced carefree

In order to provide you with current data, we make optimum use of the possibilities of digitization and automation. For example with the AAme – Dizzy Data App with which you can safely scan and upload your invoices and receipts. We provide a link with your bank and link the various applications together. This way we can quickly process data and make it accessible to your dashboard.

Your tax returns and other important documents, such as your annual accounts, are available in the secure AAme portal, where you can also approve your returns and digitally sign your annual accounts. We enter your administration for you in AFAS Online. We can also take care of your salary administration. Here too you will find the most important information clearly arranged in your own AAme portal.

Via AAme – Comandi we offer:

  • Ontzorging : dataverzameling en rapportage geautomatiseerd;
  • Inzicht : alle relevante stuurinformatie binnen één dashboard;
  • Focus : specifieke KPI’s, benchmarking, scenario-analyse en meer.


Our advisors are happy to discuss the possibilities of the AAme Comandi Dashboard with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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