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loonadministratie via het AAme / Payroll administration

How was your holiday in France, Italy, the Netherlands or somewhere else? Hopefully a period of relaxation, reflection, time for each other and, if all goes well, new energy to tackle the goals and challenges of your own business with fresh courage.

Freedom with responsibilities

Running your own business with staff gives you a lot of freedom, but there is also a lot on the plate of the business owner. A small selection of these responsibilities is personnel management, legal aspects and of course keeping the payroll records.

Was everything better in the past?

In the good old days, you could hand over your receipts to the payroll administrator. This way, you knew what was being processed. But this era is now centuries behind us. Nowadays, there is usually email contact with the payroll administrator about mutations. But sometimes the question arises whether changes have already been passed on, or whether some changes are passed on twice or, in extreme cases, not at all.
This can cause adverse situations for your employee(s), but legally certainly also for you as an employer.

The employer portal of AAme

To have an overview of your payroll administration, the employer portal of AAme is the perfect solution. This portal contains several smart and simple solutions to get a grip on the submitted and processed employee / wage mutations in your payroll. This is of course everywhere and always online accessible.

You can choose to make your own changes in your payroll, or to outsource this to AAme. In the background AAme will always keep a close eye on whether this complies with the legal and labour law standards.


With the employer portal of AAme you have (back) control over your own payroll and all the benefits and opportunities that this entails. So more control over your own payroll, less time spent on it and comply with the statutory payroll requirements. This gives you the opportunity to hold on to that holiday feeling a little longer and leaves you with more time for the other goals you want to achieve with your company. A win-win situation, in other words.

An opportunity for you?

If you are curious about the possibilities of the AAme Employer Portal, please let us know at We will contact you to discuss the benefits and solutions.

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