Intern at AAme, it is so much fun!

Intern at AAme

This time a different kind of blog than usual, one less about the latest developments and a bit more about Aame herself. What is it like to do an internship and what should you pay attention to?

For my third year internship at HBO I had to find an internship for six months. The assignment was to do research at a company where improvements had to be made to a process. For this it is important that you get all the space you need and that you are not used as a cheap labour force. Fortunately this is not the case for me and at AAme I get all the space I need to carry out my research. In the meantime, I have also learned that this is not even allowed by law to be used as a cheap labour force.

Why is internship important?

Doing an internship is an important part of your study career. In your internship, you hope to discover what you will do after college. Therefore it is important to think carefully about this and look around to see which internship suits you best. There is also a good chance that your internship company will offer you a job after your internship. Research has shown that this happens in 84.03% of internships, so make sure you look carefully which internship suits you and don’t choose too quickly something easy.

What can I expect from an internship at AAme?

The main purpose of an internship is to get involved in the business world. Usually the internship is the first time for this. Therefore, at AAme you will get the guidance you need and you will quickly learn to work within the company. Depending on the form of the internship, you will be given tasks in order to learn the different processes and thus get to know the company well. Ultimately, of course, you want to put the knowledge you have gained over the past few years into practice. In this way you will also find out if you have mastered the knowledge well. You will also get the opportunity to work out in their own gym and to beat your future colleagues in a game of table tennis or table soccer.

Intern at AAme?

Would you like to do an internship at AAme? Please contact Shiromani Sardjoe.

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