As accountants, we often hear that we are expensive, but the reality is often different. If you have a good active accountant, that pays for itself. Especially by giving advice.

The standard work during the year, that’s not where the profit lies. This standard work can also be done by an administration office, which are cheaper, but they do not always have sufficient knowledge to give good advice. So it is very important to look carefully at what you need as an entrepreneur.


The standard work such as the annual accounts is history as soon as it has been prepared. Of course we can learn something from that history, but that is no guarantee for the future. By regularly sparring with your accountant about what concerns you, advice will emerge that will be of use to you as an entrepreneur!

For the coming years, the challenge for the accountant is therefore to focus more on the advisory role and less on the standard work. Thanks to far-reaching automatisation, the standard work is being done more efficiently and there is therefore more room for giving advice, something that many entrepreneurs are also waiting for.

Think of advice on setting up a new business, possible expansion of activities or now, with the corona period almost behind us, with the question: ‘What’s next? An accountant can also provide advice on drawing up prognoses for possible financing or applying for environmental subsidies. As a rule, an accountancy firm also employs tax specialists who can advise you on how to pay as little tax as possible within the tax legislation.


The automations also demand something from our customers. They have to switch to a client portal or provide their data digitally instead of the shoebox of receipts. The accountant must help his clients with this change, so that in the future they will spend less time on standard work and more time on the ‘cup of coffee’ with the client. Experience has shown that this ‘cup of coffee’ always brings up issues that the accountant can actively advise on to help his client do better business. And that is exactly what we as accountants want so badly!

We work with Visionplanner for preparing forecasts and providing insight into figures. This will also contribute to making the business of our customers more transparent. For clients who would like to be informed of the most important data in the administration, such as turnover and outstanding accounts receivable, on a monthly or quarterly basis, there is the possibility to create a personalised dashboard in order to obtain these insights.


We at AAme cordially invite you to come and have a cup of coffee with us and to spar with us about what concerns you as an entrepreneur.

The coffee is ready!

Pauline Deelen-Aarts

P.J. (Pauline) Deelen-Aarts AA

Certified Public Accountant (present: mo.-tu.-th.)

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