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Estate planning

Treat your capital wise.

Estate planning is all about transferring assets as favourable as possible. Given the amount of (legal and fiscal) difficulties, it is wise to think about this in good times and to consult a specialist for personal advice. After all, you want your (family)assets (i.e. in the event of passing away) to be transferred to the next generation or other beneficiaries as favourable as possible.

Asset management

You have spent a lot of time and attention building your assets. It is therefore wise to have a good understanding of what will happen to your assets if you are to pass away. After all, you want your heirs to pay as little inheritance tax as possible on the assets they accrue. Therefore, it is important to think about these questions regarding donations, marriages, children, wills and perhaps your own company.

Inheritance tax

Inheritance Tax is the tax levied on an inheritance. When someone acquires possession from an inheritance, this person may have to pay inheritance tax over the possession. Whether inheritance tax is indebted, depends on the monetary value of the inheritance and the relationship between the deceased and the beneficiary.

Gift tax

Gift tax is tax that is levied on donations in the Netherlands. When someone receives a donation, the recipient may have to pay gift tax over the monetary value of the gift.

Tailored advice

Our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the most favourable inheritance tax positions and arrangements. Please feel free to contact us for a personal estate planning consultancy session.

Things that require your attention

When it comes to estate planning, it is wise to pay attention to the following:

  • Donation plan;
  • A loan with the family bank;
  • Testament check (whether your testament is still up-to-date);
  • Check of the marital conditions / community of goods;
  • Company and business succession;
  • Divorce;
  • Division of the inheritance.

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