I was born 1 month late!

born 1 month late

That was the introduction of the customs officer who visited me a few years ago to check some customs tariff numbers. The man entered my office sighing…

He also showed a picture of his great love, the motorbike he wanted to ride so badly.

But unfortunately he was born “1 month too late” and could not make use of an attractive pension scheme, but he did have an opening sentence for the coming 9 years…

Back to the present, what about birth leave and parental leave?

Suppose the best man has a grandchild.  That is a big change for the (grand)parents. When can I ride my bike is then a question for the future. The question: “how can I combine my work and the care for my child?” will be on top of the list.

The Dutch government wants to help new parents with this struggle and is expanding the rules and conditions for parental leave and birth leave as of 2 August 2022.

How much leave does the mother’s partner get and who pays for it?

  • 1 week birth leave paid by the employer
    • Paid by the employer
    • Taken within 4 weeks after the date of birth
  • After this week: up to 5 working weeks of leave
    • Paid by the UWV (70% of SV wage, maximum SV wage per day: € 228.76)
    • Application for leave by employer in writing
    • Application by employer to UWV

* The SV wage (social insurance wage) is the wage on which you pay taxes and social insurance contributions. The UWV needs your SV wage to calculate the amount of your benefit.

  • 9 weeks paternity leave
    • Paid by the UWV (70% of SV wage, maximum SV wage per day: € 228.76)
    • Use before the child is 2 years old
    • Application for leave by employer in writing: 2 months in advance
    • Application by employer to UWV
  • 17 weeks paternity leave
    • Unpaid leave
    • Use before the child is 8 years old
    • Application in writing to employer (in combination with the 9 weeks parental leave) 2 months in advance

But when will I be able to ride my bike again?

The customs officer has found a new love and can go out every day….

Want to know more about Parental Leave?

Download our white paper ‘New Regulation Paid Parental Leave‘.

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