A better environment starts with your car

Dreaming away at the pump

Now that the price of petrol in The Netherlands is at a record level again and you are waiting at the pump, you feel bad about every litre you fill up. Perhaps you have a few moments left to dream about what you could have done with that money.

In order to make these dreams a little bit reality, you might want to consider buying an electric car. This choice not only has a positive effect on the wallet of both private and business drivers, but also on the environment.

Advantages for private individuals

Electric driving pays off in the long run. Not only do you save on fuel and maintenance costs, but you can also take advantage of tax benefits. Think, for example, of tax benefits for private individuals:

  • Exemption on tax on passenger cars and motorbikes
  • Exemption on car tax
  • Local subsidies, if any

Even more advantages for business drivers

Business owners have even more tax advantages when driving an electric car. Consider the following exemptions, subsidies and other benefits:

  • The Environmental Investment deduction (MIA)
  • The voluntary depreciation of environmental investments (VAMIL)
  • Subsidy scheme for emission-free company cars (SEBA)
  • Exemption on passenger car and motorbike tax (BMP)
  • Exemption on vehicle tax (MRB)
  • Additional taxable benefit
  • Reduced tax rate for charging stations
  • Local subsidies, if any

Points of attention with an electric car are :

  • The action radius
    At the moment there is a wide choice of cars, which have a range of about 250 kilometres. But the technology of electric cars is making great strides in this area, so it is only a matter of time before the range will equal that of petrol cars.
  • Charging versus refuelling
    Charging takes a lot longer than filling up the car. But as long as the trips are not longer than 250 kilometres on average, an electric car can be recharged at home or at work.

Purchase and use

The purchase of an electric car is usually more expensive, partly because of the batteries. On the other hand, an electric car is cheaper to use in terms of maintenance and road tax. At the end of the day, the average costs of an electric car are often lower than those of a comparable petrol car.

From dream to reality

Would you, as an entrepreneur, like to know more about the possibilities of purchasing an electric car or do you need help investigating future subsidy possibilities? Please contact one of my colleagues at AAme Accountants and Tax Advisers at accountants@aame.nl.

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