Word from the CEO

Adrie A.M. de Poorter, founder of AAme Advisers

In my capacity of CEO of AAme Advisers, I heartily welcome you to our website and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your visit. After doing business for more than a quarter of a century, AAme Advisers is not just another name in the CPA world, it has become a well-known brand and a concept.

AAme Advisers offers, amongst others, services in the fields of accountancy, administration, international and national taxes and payroll processing, mediation, employment law, grants, work permits and Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme, 30% Scheme, A1 Certificates etc., all at a very high quality level.

We can also provide you with a service in the field of marketing and communication. This concept is unique for middle and small businesses. AAme is a company who is not afraid to ask you difficult questions and we are not afraid to investigate the correct answers. We see ourselves as a doctor and specialist for our clients.

Our two main basic goals are to put our clients’ interests first and to lead our profession in creating values to make you a fan of our company.  We achieve value for our clients through simplifying  the complex Dutch Tax, Civil and Accountancy Laws and Regulations and make them more accessible, against a fair remuneration. Additionally, we also develop creative solutions in an integral way in order to simplify the business processes of our clients and relations. Large or small, local or global, our clients benefit from our structure by having access to our most relevant resources and relationships wherever they may reside.

We stimulate our clients, like ourselves to innovate. Don’t let others stop you. “The ones who say you can’t and you won’t are probably the ones who are scared that you will. Innovate or perish.“

I would like to thank the many clients, some of which have used the services of our company for decades, for their trust in our company.  They already know we are able to solve many problems but we are in business to prevent them for you.

If, after reading our website, you have further questions or comments, we invite you to contact us via e-mail or phone. We are open to feedback.

I hope to see you soon,

Adrie A.M. de Poorter