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Are you planning to do business in the Netherlands, Going Dutch?Already doing business in the Netherlands but desperate to receive KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) advice?

“Going Dutch looks like one giant leap but in reality it is only a small step…”

The first step you have probably already made it to check the cultural differences between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The country of Tulips and wooden shoes is the fourth most important trading partner of the United Kingdom and it is well known for its direct approach, or how other world- citizen countries say, “they are a little bit rude”. The English came up with some very colourful ways of describing or referring to the Dutch during the 17th century and beyond. Going Dutch, Dutch treat or a Dutch Agreement are one of the many British sayings about the Dutch. But once you have done your homework you will find out that behind the “we know it better and being direct” the Dutch are trustworthy for business and actually they are very likeable people who love a G&T (but don’t tell them…).

One of the next steps is to explore the rules and regulations that allow you to live and work in the Netherlands. Your first encounter with Dutch law probably gave you a headache! Something we can totally understand and that’s why you will probably like the AAme mission.


The AAme organization is a one-stop-shop in the field of accountancy, tax advice, salary processing, knowledge migrant services, legal services and, as a market leader, we provide specific services for the (cross border) recruitment/secondment industry (inbound, including contracting, payrolling and staffing under the collective labour agreement).
We simplify the complex Dutch law and regulations so that our clients can focus on their core activities and are able to function optimally in the aforementioned areas.

At AAme Advisors, we passionately believe that all legislation and regulations should be more accessible and understandable for all people and companies. We believe that doing business in whatever country should be the same as doing business in your own back yard.
We distinguish ourselves by working in a resourceful, committed and professionally creative way. We create simple solutions inspired by our positive stubbornness. All our AAme employees are serving advisers who value personal contact.

Clients of AAme can experience the Cradle-to-Grave concept. We serve our clients with their business journey from the very first step until their well-deserved retirement.

KISS advice

Are you ready for some KISS advice? Do you want a servant advisor, who are unusual in that they are able to bring to life a dry and tedious subject matter, with a colourful character and big personality, which is always welcome?
AAme are a company who have been doing business with the United Kingdom for over 40 years.

Johan Cruijff could explain it simply:
“Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt.“,
“You’re not going to see it until you figure it out.”

So do not miss the boat and contact AAme Advisors.

AAme Adviseurs B.V.