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T. (Tarik) El-Ghani

Tarik El-Ghani, born in 1994, has studied Business administration at Zadkine in Rotterdam. After finishing his study, he worked in the Finance department. Here he was introduced to the payroll administration.

“You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety;”

In April 2017, Tarik started his career at AAme Salary Advisors as a Salary administrator. In addition to his fulltime job, he follows the training Registered Tax Consultant (RBc). Through this training he wants to be able to advise clients better.

“Impossible only means that you have not found the solution yet”

He is a Payroll Administrator and application manager, from his combination position, he is responsible for the applications within AAme Advisors.

Salary Administrator & Application Manager
+31 (0)15 820 00 32
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