Switching from payroll advisor usually goes hand in hand with switching to a different payroll software system. Here you do not want to experience too much trouble. For this reason AAme Salary Advisors advises to take the time to get to know your new advisor and their payroll software system.

It’s best to switch from payroll software at the beginning of the year. In an ideal world, you would pick your new advisor in the autumn and your choice would be based on their software in addition to their knowledge, expertise and skills.

Once you have chosen AAme Salarisadviseurs, we will go through the current payroll with you. In this way we get to know each other as partners and mutual wishes can be aligned. We offer staff meetings and training to optimize the cooperation. In the meantime, we will implement your payroll administration in our payroll software system, so that we can start with the first payroll processing in January.

Take your time

In December and January, everyone is often busy with the year-end closing. This hustle can mean that switching payroll software is ‘done on the side’, so it doesn’t have the focus and priority it should have. If you wish to switch to us, we guarantee that your switch will have our focus and priority. After all, payroll processing is an important service. We don’t want you or your employees to be inconvenienced by the switch.

Therefore, take the time to get to know your new payroll advisor. At AAme Salary Advisors we help you by working with you on a detailed transition plan.

Switching during the pay year

If you choose to start with us as your new payroll advisor during a payroll year, there are a number of options:

  • We import the entire payroll administration into our payroll software package. While your employees continue to be paid from the current payroll software system, we will carry out a ”shadow spinning”. This means that the pay slips are created in both systems, so that we can compare them. The administration can also be transferred in phases, if this is what you prefer.
  • You cancel your old payroll software system. We import the entire payroll administration, set up the payroll administration completely and start calculating immediately. Pay slips from the past can be turned retrospectively, so that the cumulative results are visible.

Are you interested?

Interested in making the switch? Send an e-mail to info@aame.nl or call us on 015 215 88 15 so we can schedule an appointment!

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