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Our payroll solution: flexible, reliable and without risks

For over thirty years, AAme offers solutions for working with contractors (expats) and self-employed contractors (freelancers) in the Netherlands. All in all, payrolling is the most chosen construction for the employing of foreign employees in the Netherlands.


Payrolling is still upcoming in the Netherlands

More and more organizations use payroll constructions in the Netherlands whereby the payroll company is the legal employer. As of today, over 12,000 organizations use payrolling. As a result, over 195,000 people work with a payroll company as their legal employer (of which 26% enter permanent employment after a period of payrolling). This number is expected to continue to grow even further the coming years!


Benefits of payrolling

Due to the flexibility, the ease of use and the limited risks, a payroll solution is interesting for every employer. It does not matter whether it is a short term project or a continuous project.

Past tense

All administrative proceedings that are related to working with employees are past tense, such as:

  • Labour agreements;
  • Obligatory wage payments, in case of sickness for example;
  • Insurances in the event of incapacity for work;
  • Annual statements;
  • Dismissal procedures;
  • Payroll administration;
  • Changes in laws and regulations.

We will send you an invoice for our work, which you will have to process of course, but that is all you have to do!


A quality payroll company

There are many payroll companies (or umbrella companies) that offer payroll services, but by no means all parties are to be trusted. Many of these companies are called “cowboys” in the industry, do not exist for long and are most certainly not a business partner. A quality and reliable payroll company is recognizable by:

  • registered as recognized sponsor at the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) for the Highly Skilled Migrant Ruling;
  • NEN 4400-1 certification;
  • an own G-account;
  • included in the SNA (Labour Standards Foundation) register;
  • an excellent relationship with the Dutch Tax Office, IND, VRO (for certification) and other agencies and
  • a team of accountants and tax advisers to be able to provide the full service package.

Of course, we meet all the above-mentioned criteria. It is also important that the payroll company does not only look after the employer, but also after the employee. After all, a dissatisfied employee results in a dissatisfied employer.

the Highly Skilled Migrant Ruling

Labour Standards Foundation (SNA) Quality Mark: Recipients Liability

AAme Payrolling Solutions B.V. (view the declaration of registration) and AAme Management Precision B.V. (view the declaration of registration) are included in the Labour Standards Foundation. As a result, the risks for recipients or workers and the clients of work who use our services are limited.

Do you want to know what the SNA Quality Mark means? Click here!




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In addition to competitive rates, personal contact is very important. You will be assigned one account manager who you may contact at all times if you have a question. Are you interested in our services? Feel free to contact our office!

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