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Integrated approach of HR services

Your employees might just be the most important pillars of your organisation. They play a big part in your company’s success. Which makes it important that HR is seen as a serious matter and you receive quality answers to your personnel related questions.


A partner for your HR concerns

The Dutch saying “to large for the napkin, to small for the tablecloth” applies to many organisations in the field of HR. An HR employee is after all an expense which you do not always require for a fixed amount of hours per week. AAme provides the solution for these cases. Our HR employees are fully up-to-date regarding laws and regulations. We support and advice our clients with all their personnel questions, regardless of the life phase of the organisation.


Primary and secundary employment terms and conditions

We are more than willing to advice you regarding primary employment terms and conditions, such as contract duration, salary, social security contributions and setting up your reward scheme. Additionally, there are ways to use secundary terms to reward your employees in a fiscal friendly way.

Do you use the cafetaria model / à la carte reward scheme? Be aware that the granting of secundary terms does not always have to result in extra costs for the employer.


Make use of our knowledge and expertise

Our salary advisers are more than willing to support you and provide you with quality advice. Some of the fields we provide support and advice on are:

Personnel return

  • Employment terms and conditions;
  • Assessment;
  • Competention management;
  • Development;
  • Formation planning;
  • Recruitment solutions;
  • Outplacement;
  • Salary benchmark;
  • Variable rewarding;
  • Controlled rewarding scheme;

Employment terms and conditions;

  • Salary benchmark;
  • Bonus scheme;
  • Salary and position structure;
  • Cafetaria model / à la carte;
  • Performance rewarding;
  • Shares and option schemes;
  • Employee participation;
  • CAO application;
  • Labour cost scheme;
  • Working cross-border;
  • Dutch dismissal law (Wet Werk en Zekerheid (WWZ));

Absence management

  • Sick leave policy;
  • Incapacity for work and WIA;
  • Arbo-services;
  • Reintegration.

Wagecost subsidy

  • Laws regarding and types of remittance deductions;
  • Applications;
  • Employer obligations;
  • WBSO.

Personnel and salary administration

  • Outsourcing salary administration;
  • (Online) solutions: salary and HR;
  • CAO maintenance;
  • eHRM;
  • Leave and sickness;
  • Flexible management reports;
  • Signals;
  • Competence management;
  • Service desk.

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