Pension accrual for the DGA within its own company

With the abolition of the possibility of pension accrual for the DGA (‘director-major shareholder’) within its own company DGA’s have surrendered their pension or converted into a pension liability (‘oudedagsverplichting’) or opted for a non-contributory pension the BV. In all cases, there is no further accrual of pension. Sometimes that’s fine as the DGA also accrues pension in another way, but often that is not the case.

Further accrual of pension is often “forgotten” because in the past it was automatically taken care of by the BV or employer. And sometimes the DGA or sole trader knows that something must be done, but does not know how to do it or it is not on his or her priority list yet.

Our pension advisor Martin Troost from Overwater pension consultants BV can set up pension reports for entrepreneurs and sole traders to gain more insight into their future retirement. Not only concerning a better understanding of his or her own pension, but also concerning partner pension and occupational disability pension.
For entrepreneurs and freelancers they make pension reports that offer:

1. Understanding of the current pension position on retirement, death and disability;
2. The difference between the existing and desired pension situation;
3. Quantified deficit on retirement date and upon death;
4. Action perspective for the customer to resolve the difference between actual and desired pension.

Relationship discount

For the above pension reporting Overwater pension consultants BV normally charges a fee of € 795,- excluding VAT. For clients of AAme they are willing to give a relationship discount of 25% and they can offer this pension reporting for a fee of € 595,- excluding VAT.

For more information you can contact Overwater Assurantie Adviesbureau on 0186-820000


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