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Tax law; also relevant to you!

The Dutch law contains rules on the levying and collection of taxes. The tax law is documented in the General Administrative Law Act, the Enforcement Act and the General Law on State Taxes.


Our services in the field of tax law

The tax legislation in the Netherlands is very complex. You are therefore very likely to make a mistake. A legal counsel has the expertise to support you in various areas in the field of tax law. Some examples of support in the area of tax law are:

  • Negotiations and adopting positions with the Dutch tax office (de Belastingdienst);
  • Appealing during a tax procedure;
  • Treating of fiscal absenteeism and criminal penalties.

A legal counsel can help you limit potential losses and communicate your standpoint as clear as possible to the Dutch tax office and judge.


Tax litigation

Our legal counsels can advise and support you in both the precursor as during the legal procedure; if it comes to that. We also maintain a good relationship with external law firms making us capable to swiftly call in assistance if needed.

tax law

Legal advice and support in other legal areas

There are many situations in which our legal counsels can assist you, both in terms of advice as in terms of litigation. For more information, visit our other legal pages:

For tailored advice, feel free to get in touch with one of our legal counsels.

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