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Litigation: a means to an end

We see litigation as the last possible means to an end. After all, litigating costs time and money. We aim to provide efficient workable solutions to satisfy our clients needs to the best of our ability.


Your position in a legal procedure

Litigating has its opportunities, but also its risks. Our legal counsels dive into your file and make your position clear. The result is that you know whether you are willing to spend your money and accept the uncertainties of the procedure prior to starting.

If it may come to a legal procedure, AAme assures you that your interests are looked after. If necessary, we have good relationships with external law firms, allowing us to get assistance in no time.


Practice makes perfect

Our legal counsels have gained extended experience as lawyers prior to making the step to the corporate business. Their knowledge and experience in the various legal fields make them a trusted and solid partner for you and your business.

Our legal fields

We limit ourselves to the legal fields that our legal counsels are specialists in. These are the following legal fields:

If you have any questions or need for assistance, please feel free to contact one of our legal counsels!

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