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Legal advice that will get you there

Are you in need of quality legal advice without a surplus of technical jargon? Then you are at the right place at AAme! We have a team of experienced legal counsels who provide quality service and work by to our “keep it simple” motto. You will receive high quality advice in an understandable language and against a fair remuneration. That sounds good, right?


Legal advice

The laws and regulations in the Netherlands are complex and constantly changing. You sometimes find yourself in situations where you want to know what your rights are. At times like these, you will seek legal advice. Our legal counsels have years of experience in the legal profession. They have the expertise to provide you with the required professional advice in times like these.


Expertise in various jurisdictions

Legal advice is a broad concept and can be applied to all jurisdictions. At AAme, we specialize, amongst others, in:


When it goes beyond advice

Unfortunately, it is important to realize that good legal advice is not always sufficient. This can be the case when, for example, there is a dispute or a conflict. When your question goes beyond obtaining advice, you are also at the right place. Our legal counsels are experienced in handling and resolving legal conflicts and, if needed, in litigation. However, we aim to avoid the latter.

However, if it does come to litigation, it is wise that you are as well prepared as possible. Our legal counsels will then represent your interests and ensure you that your case comes to the best possible conclusion.

Legal Business Scan and the GDPR

The new law for protection of personal data (the GDPR) has come into effect. It is therefore important that your organization meets the strict requirements of the law. Otherwise you risk high penalties! Through our Legal Business Scan, we can map the strengths and weaknesses within your organization. Afterwards, we will inform you on what must be done in order to become GDPR proof.

Arbeidsrecht Juridisch advies

Discuss your situation

Have you ended up in a situation whereby you want to know your rights? Our legal counsels are happy to review your situation. After the first interview without obligation, we will check whether further advice, help or litigation is required.

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