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When there is a labour dispute, illness of an employee or dismissal due to reorganization, it is not always joyful to be an employer. Be that as it may, know that you are not alone when it comes to labour law cases.


Labour law issues

We receive questions from clients in the area of labour law on a regular basis. To illustrate, a few case examples:

  • Dismissing an employee as a result of a labour dispute;
  • As of when does the employer have to pay the transition remuneration;
  • Whether the employer is obliged to give notice;
  • The rules regarding contract extensions and contracts for an indefinite period;
  • Legal consequences when working cross-border;
  • The requirements for instant dismissal.

If these kind of situations occur, our legal counsels assure you of quality assistance.


Drawing up employment contracts

Are your employment contracts airtight? Have you included a competition and relationship clause, for example?

We work with employment contracts that comply with the Dutch laws and regulations. Besides that, our legal counsels can review your employment contracts to make sure you will not face any unforeseen and unwanted situations in the future.

The transition remuneration

If you have employed employees for two years or more, you will have to pay a transition remuneration in almost every form of dismissal. The basic principle is that one-third of a month’s salary must be paid for every year starting from the second year of employment. From 10 years of employment, the allowance is half a month’s salary per year of employment. And, last but not least, if the employee has been employed for over 10 years and is 50 years or older, the allowance is 1 month’s salary per year of employment.


Help with conflicts within Labour law

In addition to the drawing up of employment contracts, we also provide support in conflicts. If it is impossible to solve the issues, our legal counsels will represent your case in court. If required, we partner with renowned law firms in the region.


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