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Contract law

Contract law regulates, amongst others, how agreements are concluded, which criteria they have to meet to be valid and what happens if an agreement is not complied with. By documenting agreements in the form of contracts, you prevent future discussions and problems as a result of unclear or incomplete agreements. 


A good contract is an art form!

Unfortunately, we all too often experience that clients work with scanty contracts. If your contracts are drawn up properly and are complete, you will always have the contract law on your side. Then, if a dispute occurs, you can simply refer to the contract. That is as simple as it can be!


Types of contracts in contract law

All agreements you make are agreements in essence. The contract law is therefore broad and knows various types of contracts, including:

  • Employment contracts;
  • Hiring contracts;
  • Management or shareholder contracts;
  • Financing contracts;
  • Rental contracts;
  • Purchase contracts;
  • Collaboration contracts (such as franchise or distribution).


Drawing up or checking contracts

You are probably using your contracts for some time already. Contracts also have an ‘expiration date’. Due to changed laws and regulations, certain terms may be outdated and therefore your contracts are no longer airtight.

Our legal counsels check whether your agreements still comply with the current laws and regulations. In addition, we can also draw up new agreements for you and assist you with:

  • Formulating practical agreements and making the “legal translation”;
  • Assessing and ending commercial contracts;
  • Assessing of meeting contract criteria and defaults;
  • Debt collection cases;
  • Delivery disputes.


Drawing up or checking general terms and conditions

Almost all contracts refer to the general terms and conditions of an organization. We often notice that these have been written years ago and are no longer correct or sufficient. In addition, some general terms and conditions even conflict with legal provisions!

Our legal counsels check your general terms and conditions and ensure they are fully updated and correct (for example, in line with the Privacy Statement and the GDPR).

Litigating as final option

If you already have an ongoing case regarding a contract or agreement, you are also at the right place. Our legal counsels read into your case and can act on your behalf. It is always wise to assure that you do not have to litigate. There is a Dutch saying that says “litigating for a cow, costs you a cow”. Therefore, we aim to prevent litigation.

However, if it does come to litigation, you will want to be as well prepared as possible. Our legal counsels defend your interests and ensure that your case will come to the best possible conclusion.

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Discuss your situation with our legal counsels

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