How to distinguish yourself in an overstrained Dutch recruitment market?

The current Dutch recruitment market is a challenge for many recruiters. Partly due to the current covid situation, the employment growth from the past years has come to an end. The post-covid expectation is that consumer trust will be gained again and organizations will recruit employees again. Gradually there will no longer be a stop with vacancies. The current subsidy measures (such as the NOW scheme) give a distorted picture of the unemployment figures. The amount of jobseekers will be considerably larger, which creates a favorable situation.

Doubling of recruitment agencies in the past five years

In the Netherlands we have more than 1 million temporary workers, both residents and non-residents. It is impossible to imagine the Dutch economy without temporary employment. Ten percent of all employee jobs are coming from the secondment industry. The number of companies who are active in the Dutch secondment industry has doubled in the past five years. Of the estimated 14,000 recruitment agencies, more than 4,500 have the Labor Standards Register (SNA) registration. Employers who hire temporary staff or outsource work are strongly advised to contract the services of a certified temporary employment agency or contractor of work. A company certified according to standard NEN 4400-1 or NEN 4400-2 and registered in the Labour Standards Register (Register Normering Arbeid) offers you greater protection against fraud and illegality.

Focus on the hirer

The recruitment agencies in the top 100 do not only focus their candidates, but also on the hirer. Figures show that the recruitment agencies from the top 100 are NEN 4400 certified and affiliated with the ABU and/or NBBU. The NEN 4400 certification sets requirements for personnel and payroll administration, among other things. The aim is to make the hiring and outsourcing of labor easier and fraud-proof. It is of great importance to the hirer to be unburdened by the legal aspects of employment. With a NEN 4400 certification you clearly have an advantage as an employment agency. After obtaining the NEN 4400 certification, the recruitment company receives the SNA quality mark.

NEN-certified personnel solutions

If you are not NEN-certified as an employment agency, there are various options for using NEN-certified personnel solutions. At AAme we provide solutions which are flexible, reliable and without risks. For over thirty years, AAme offers solutions for working with contractors (expats) and self-employed contractors (freelancers) in the Netherlands. Letting your contractors work on AAme’s payroll offers major advantages. As a recognized sponsor at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and NEN-certified company, AAme has its own G account. In addition, AAme is included in the register of the SNA. AAme has an excellent relationship with the tax authorities, VRO (for certification) and other authorities.
Whether you want to do it through AAme’s payroll solution or through your own Dutch or English entity, AAme is at your service with a team of accountants, tax advisers and lawyers to provide you with the complete service.

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