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A creative market approach increases your sales

How do you tell the story of your organisation? How do you target the right audience? And how do you succesfully use cold acquisition? These are all questions our Marketing & Sales advisers help entrepreneurs with. It is of great importance for every entrepreneur, no matter how big or small, to have a good marketing and sales strategy. You want to spend your budget wisely, right?


Marketing is not simple

Let’s point that out first. Many entrepreneurs do not know how to spend their budget to attract and bind the right customers. It certainly is not easy and we understand that completely. Let’s give an example:

A local restaurant is approached to sponsor a one-time event and to have a stand on the event. The restaurant accepts and spends €1,000. The result is that people come from far and wide to the event and the owners feel like the event was a big success.

Is it likely that this will result in a profit?

Our advisers take it a few steps backwards. Who does the restaurant want to reach, so who is the target audience? Where is the event held and what type of people visit the event? In short, we help you to look at the situation from a different perspective. It is our goal that you spend your budget wisely and achieve a high return on investment. That is what is important in marketing and sales.


The development of your organisation comes first

From our perspective as an accountancy firm, we focus on the development of our clients. Many ‘expensive’ marketing agencies tell you great stories with the sole purpose of you hiring them to arrange your marketing activities. After all, that is their revenue model. Our strategy is aimed at guiding the entrepreneur and developing knowledge in the field of marketing and sales.

With our one-stop-shop formula, we guide starting entrepreneurs in growing their organisation to a successful corporation with several employees. We take it from start-up guidance and financial advice to drawing up annual accounts and doing your salary administration. Marketing and sales support is a logical next step to support clients during their development.

Marketing & Sales Support means…

that we will lay out the situation during a first meeting (while enjoying a good cup of coffee) and mostly listen. Following up on that meeting we ‘sketch’ the situation and make up an action plan. Next, we will contact you to make clear agreements on the next steps. We either take work out of your hands  or train your employee(s) so you can do it. The one thing that matters is a good result.


Marketing & Sales services

  • Cold acquisition coaching;
  • Warm acquisition coaching;
  • Guidance and support (with i.e. storytelling, website development, “corporate branding”, target audience determination, marketing campagins etc.);
  • Social media marketing;
  • Online marketing advice (email marketing, whitepaper marketing, SEO, SEA etc.);
  • Logo en coroporate identity development;
  • Design and DTP (business cards, brochures, posters, banners etc.);


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