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We find it a shame to not offer knowledge and expertise, from which we benefit a lot, to our clients. Therefore we offer you Backoffice Support; services from our Backoffice team, the backbone of our organisation. They ensure that invoices are paid, internal processes run smooth and we keep on developing and automating.


Efficiency through automisation

Automisation is still a ‘hot’ item. In every organisation, people look for ways to work more effective, more efficient and simpler. Our Backoffice works on automating and optimizing our processes on a daily basis. We are also involving clients in the processes more and more. As an example, last year we have introduced an entirely new process for the Income Tax Return. We have simplified the process and made it more efficient, so our client, you, pay less for the same or even a higher quality service.


Correct bookkeeping and a timely collection

It is determined by law, that every entrepreneur in the Netherlands must maintain a solid administration. Our Backoffice has extended experience with the setting up and automating our clients’ administrations. Furthermore, we have trained several clients to do their bookkeeping themselves and maintain a solid administration.

The conducting of your bookkeeping is one thing, but making sure your clients pay your invoices is something totally different. Especially if you would want to maintain a good relationship with your client, it might be a good decision to hire an external party. Our Backoffice offers a collection service. The aim is to collect in a timely manner, but if your clients will not pay your invoices, regardless of reminders and arrangements, we will hand it over to a collection agency. Of course we will ask your approval prior to doing so.

A number of our services

  • Advice and support with the automisation of your administration (creating links, automatic booking of invoices and purchase and configuration of ‘smart registers’);
  • Advice and support with the setup and maintenance of AFAS Software;
  • Training to make optimal use of AFAS Software;
  • Support with collections / debtor management;
  • Temporary bookkeeping support / assistance;
  • (Support with) setting up financial analyses;
  • Contract management;
  • E-recognition (contact with the government for subsidies and other requests).


Discuss the possibilities

We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you to see how we can support you. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment, free of any obligation.

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