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Income Tax return – timely and correctly submitted with the Dutch Tax Office

The Income Tax return is certainly not the biggest hobby of the average person. If you do not have any particularities, ‘de Belastingdienst’ offers a decent tool to submit your own tax return. However, if you have any particularities, such as a house in own property or when you have migrated, it swiftly becomes more complex. Also, you have to file your tax return before the deadline of May 1 and the software is in Dutch.

We have specialists with the knowledge and experience to submit your Income Tax return on your behalf. We will submit it to the Dutch Tax Office as soon as you have given us your approval.


Pre-completed declaration (VIA)

If you wish to use our services, we ask your permission to request data from the Dutch Tax Office. We will receive all known data, process it and send it to you in a report accompanied with a short questionnaire. We ask you to complete the questionnaire and return it with attachments, if needed. That is all we need from you. We will complete your Income Tax return, and upon your approval, submit it to the Dutch Tax office. In short: safe, simple, automated and optimized.


Your Income Tax return on the AAme Portal

You can find all communication and documentation regarding your tax return; from the quotation to the filed tax return and possible appeal procedures on the AAme Portal. This ensures transparency and a clear online file for you to access at all times.

A quotation without obligation for your Income Tax return

We are more than happy to provide you with a quotation for your Income Tax return. Based upon your situation we will assign the consultant to your file. Thus we make certain that you do not pay for an overqualified consultant to process your Income Tax return.

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Other tax returns

Besides the Income Tax return, we also process the Corporation Tax return and other taxes.

Income Tax Return

The “RB Tax Advisor”

Our Tax Advisors are registered in the Register Tax Advisors (RB). This entails that due to their craftsmanship, experience and up-to-date knowledge of the fiscal rules, they will make sure that the fiscal part of your business are taken care of properly. For more information: visit the website of the Register Tax Advisors (‘Register Belastingadviseurs (RB)’)

SBB Recognized Training Company

Did you know that AAme Accountants and Tax Advisors is a SBB Recognized Training Company?

We thus contribute to the development of new talent for the Dutch labour market and we provide students with the opportunity to gain work experience within a pleasant working environment.