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Expat tax return service: fully tailored support for expats in the Netherlands

As an expat, the Dutch tax system will be a lot to understand and to find your way in. One of the issues is still that you can only communicate with the Dutch tax office and file your tax return in Dutch. Meaning that if you don’t know the Dutch language, you will not be able to file your tax return yourself. With our expat tax return service we make sure to fill that gap for expats migrating to the Netherlands.


The 30% ruling

The 30% ruling is a tax facility for employers of incoming employees (expats / contractors). The 30% ruling allows an employer to grant an employee a tax-fee allowance of 30% of his taxable income. The facility covers the so-called extraterritorial costs of the employee as a result of temporary employment in the Netherlands. Our expat tax specialists are more than happy to inform you and file the application for the 30% ruling on your behalf.


Intake meeting

If you are an expat utilizing one of our payrolling or self-employed solutions, we will visit you during our so-called ‘intake meeting’. During this meeting, we will explain your payslip, the breakdown and we will answer any questions regarding your payroll and taxes.


Different tax forms

In the Netherlands, we have four different tax forms which are used depending on your tax situation:

  1. P-form: this form is used by private individuals and covers income, deductible expenses and tax credits;
  2. M-form: this form is used by private individuals that have emigrated during the tax year;
  3. C-form: this form is used by private individuals and entrepreneurs who stay abroad but are financially connected to the Netherlands;
  4. F-form: this form must be used by relatives in case of passing away.


The expat tax service includes your income tax return

The income tax return is an important element in our expat tax service. If you do not have any particularities, ‘de Belastingdienst’ offers a decent tool to submit your own income tax return. However, if you have any particularities, such as a house in own property or when you have migrated, it swiftly becomes more complex. Also, the software is in Dutch, making it not very accessible for the average expat.

We have specialists with the knowledge and experience to submit your income tax return on your behalf. We will submit it to the Dutch Tax Office as soon as you have given us your approval.

expat tax return


The income tax return process

We have automated the process for your income tax return as much as possible, keeping your costs low. The process exists of the following rather simple steps:

  1. Quotation: we will send you a quotation which you can digitally sign on our portal. So there is no need to print, sign and scan it!
  2. Pre-completed declaration (VIA): with your permission, we will receive all known data from the Dutch tax office.
  3. Questionnaire: We will process the data from the Dutch tax office and send you an additional questionnaire for the remaining information.
  4. Processing your income tax return: We will process your tax return and after we receive your approval, we will send it to the Dutch tax office.

So, all we need from you is your digital signature, a completed questionnaire and your approval to send your tax return to the Dutch tax office.


A quotation for our expat tax return – free of any obligation

We are happy to send you a quotation without obligation. Based on your personal situation, we assign the tax consultant to your file. Thus we ensure that you do not have to pay for an overqualified consultant with a higher hourly rate.

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