Financial advice

Be the rocketeer, not the scientist

It is likely that you, as (SME) entrepreneur, are in need of financial advice every now and then. A solid sparring partner to help you answer your question or change the course of your company will be exactly what you need. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one partner for these kinds of questions regarding, for example, financing or a company takeover?


Quality financial advice can completely redirect the course of your (SME) company

Our CPAs are experienced mentors for SME entrepreneurs and start-ups. Due to years of experience in guiding and supporting SME entrepreneurs and start-ups we are convinced to be the right sparring partner. We support our clients in several areas, such as:

Handling the financings, amongst which the “traditional” financings with a bank, but also alternative methods such as crowdfunding;

  • Advising regarding investments;
  • Supporting with setting up a good business plan;
  • Advising regarding a company takeover and accessory issues (both purchase and sale);
  • Determining a prognosis / financial planning for your organisation;
  • Advising regarding the pension(s) of the shareholder(s) and
  • Advising regarding the legal entity of your company (along the way).

The role of the accountant

One of our accountants will have a personal meet with you. During this meeting we will discuss where you are, where you would like to do and which assistance we can best offer you. It will be a relief to know that you have a sparring partner at hand to assist you and remind you of what needs to be done.

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Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Feel free to contact one of our accountants.

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